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Jon-Alec & His Mission

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Jon-Alec Chervin loved the outdoors, excitement, and adventure, and channeled that intensity by serving as an Emergency Medical Technician in Denver and a wildland firefighter/medic throughout the West. When he was not working, he continued the adventure by snowboarding, rock climbing or hiking, and, most recently, scuba diving.  He loved travel and always wanted to be where the action was. He had a passion for music and enjoyed attending concerts and music festivals. He found his “place” in Boulder, Colorado.


 As an Emergency Medical Technician, He took particular interest in ambulance calls for patients with mental health emergencies. He cared deeply about these patients, and instinctively knew how to talk to and relate to them even within the confines and stresses of an emergency call. He  had begun coursework to become a certified addiction counselor. He had told his mom that this is how he planned to give back to the world. 

He firmly believed in personal liberties, responsibility for one's actions, and healing the world by educating people to make healthy choices. He was insightful and committed to self-improvement of mind and body. He made meaningful connections with people and cherished his family and friends in Boulder and around the world. 

The Jon-Alec Fund will continue his legacy by providing scholarships to young people pursuing careers in Emergency Medical Services, Wildland Firefighting and Addiction Counseling.

Born on August 2, 1993 in Memphis, TN, Jonathan Alexander "Jon-Alec" Chervin of Boulder, CO passed on Friday, November 23, 2018 in a swimming accident on Magnetic Island in Queensland, Australia.

The Jon-Alec Fund was established to support his mission of caring.

The Jon-Alec Fund

Jon-Alec had only just begun his journey of making the world a better place. His family would like to continue what he started though an organization they founded in his memory, The Jon-Alec Fund. This non-profit public charity is dedicated to educating young people pursuing careers in Emergency Medical Services, Wildland Firefighting and Addiction Counseling. The fund will provide educational scholarships to students seeking certifications in these fields. We aim to fund young people with similar convictions, love and respect for nature and provide them with an opportunity to continue the work Jon-Alec so loved. 

The Jon-Alec Fund started as a place for family and friends to make donations in Jon-Alec's memory. We plan to begin to organize fundraising events in the near future in his hometown of Fairfield, CT and Boulder, CO. Please consider making a donation annually for Jon-Alec's birthday, August 2nd. Thank you for your time and consideration. 

With love and appreciation, ​

Lori, Brad and Eliana

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