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Jon-Alec introduced us to Micheal Franti's music a few years ago at a concert at Red Rocks in Colorado. We were instant fans and he quickly became one of our favorite artists. We played one of his songs, Headphones, at Jon-Alec's memorial service. We recently had the opportunity to not only see Michael Franti in New London, CT, but to meet and talk with him. The whole day was a ray of sunshine in the darkness of our grief. It started with an afternoon yoga session with Micheal and a large group of fans. We were mat to mat, but it was a beautiful experience. Afterwards, he played 4 songs for the group. We were about 3 feet from him. In the evening, before the concert began, we were fortunate enough to participate in a meet and greet with him and about 20 other fans. He came out with his band, played about 4 songs (one of them brand new) and then answered questions. Finally we all lined up for photos. Brad and I chose to be last so that we could spend a few minutes telling him about Jon-Alec and the Jon-Alec Fund. He was so kind to listen. He gave us huge bear hugs, and we could feel his compassion. Then he offered to make a video with us. I added the song Headphones and some photos of Jon-Alec. We are so grateful to him for his compassion, his message of love, hope and kindness and for his music which has been a comfort to us over the last year. Please take some time to watch the video. I will post some other videos and pictures in my next blog. As the anniversary of Jon-Alec's death approaches, Brad, Eliana, Christina and I are struggling with the concept that Jon-Alec has been gone for a year. Thank you for continuing to hold us up and for your contributions to the Jon-Alec Fund. It is all we have to continue his legacy. xoxoxo Lori

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We are excited to announce that we are working with Aurora Community College (ACC), where Jon-Alec did his Emergency Medical Technician training, to establish the first Jon-Alec Chervin Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship will be awarded to a deserving student in their emergency medical services or firefighting program for the spring 2020 semester. For more information about the ACC program click here:

Please consider making a donation to the Jon-Alec fund to help us support more students! Scroll down and click on the donate button today

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August 2 was a very difficult day for us. Jon-Alec would have been 26. We gathered with family and friends in Boulder. We spent some time at the cemetery, crying, sharing stories and remembering Jon-Alec. We hiked above the cemetery, at the base of the Flatirons. We hiked the ridge over Wonderland lake. We dined together and ate orange cake. The pain was softened by being together. Thank you to all who showed up and shared in our sorrow and remembrance or supported us from afar.

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