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Misty Terrero-Gonzalez Awarded Jon-Alec Fund Scholarship

We are delighted to announce that we have awarded the second Jon-Alec Chervin Memorial Scholarship to a very deserving student at the Community College of Aurora (CCA), Misty Terrero-Gonzalez. Misty is the youngest of a family of 5, and the first to attend college. She completed the EMT program at CCA and is taking credits toward her associates degree in applied sciences. She plans to continue her education at Colorado State University where she will study biomedical technology. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering at the food bank located in her community, working out in the gym or trying to learn her mother’s recipes. We recently had the pleasure of Face Timing with Misty. She is a well poised and gracious young woman. We believe she will contribute to making the world a better place. Your contributions help us to support students like Misty. Listen to Misty talk about how this scholarship has benefited her:

Dear Chervin Family, Thank you for awarding me the Fall 2021 Jon-Alec Chervin Memorial Scholarship. I am the youngest out of a family of 5, I have been fortunate enough to continue my education past high school, which in itself is an accomplishment. My parents could only afford up to a 4th grade level education for themselves and did not want that for me or my siblings. I am currently studying for the NREMT test next month while taking credits for my Associates in Applied Science. I aspire to be a medic for a SWAT team. In the meantime, I would like to get some years of experience as an EMT. What brings me the most joy is helping my second oldest brother with his twin daughters as well as learning new recipes from my mom. Other than myself, they are the two main people that motivate me academically. Once more, thank you for this opportunity and awarding me this scholarship.

Misty Terrero-Gonzalez

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