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Another Missed Birthday...

This is how Jon-Alec chose to celebrate his 21st birthday

It is so difficult to comprehend that we will never get to celebrate another birthday with Jon-Alec. He will always be 25. Our plan, this year, was to spend the week leading up to his birthday in Big Sky, Montana (thanks to our very generous friends who offered us their place there). We were going to explore in Yellowstone, something Jon-Alec would have loved. Then we would have spent the weekend in Boulder with Christina, Jon-Alec's girlfriend, and our families, who would have met us there. Along came Covid 19, and all plans were off. We did manage to come up with a reasonable Plan B. We invited some dear friends to hike with us (with masks and social distancing) in an open space where Jon-Alec used to go bouldering. While it was difficult not being able to visit the cemetery and be with the people who loved him the most, it was okay. Our friends lifted us up with love and light. The hike was lovely and I know Jon-Alec would have approved. We even saw a cardinal, a sign that someone who has passed is with you. Afterwards, we had a socially distant visit in our backyard. We ate cookies with orange frosting (Jon-Alec's favorite color) that Eliana made and told our favorite Jon-Alec stories. Tonight, we will eat some of Jon-Alec's favorite foods, especially oysters. While talking about Jon-Alec, one of my friends asked me what I thought Jon-Alec would say to me today. My answer was, "Mom, sh*!@# happens. It sucks that I am gone, but you have to live. You have to do the things I won't get to do." Wise words, but so difficult to follow. We miss you so very much, Jon-Alec!

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Unknown member
Aug 03, 2020

Lori, you are so right about what Jon-Alec might have said to you today! Keep doing the things he loved to do and we will all keep his memory alive. We miss him so very much. Forever in our hearts.

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